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Below are some testimonials from users of Chapman's Natural Healing Liniment. Have a testimonial you'd like to share? E-mail us at stablesolutions@shaw.ca.

Gentle Enough That I Even Use it on Myself

"My horses' legs are cool and tight when I use
Chapman's Natural Healing Liniment as a daily
maintenance -- particularly the sensitive ones. It’s
gentle enough that I even use it on myself. As an
added bonus, I know it is safe to use during
International Competition!"

- S. (Oldham) Dueck, Canadian Dressage Team, Pan Am Silver Medallist, Freestyle Gold Medallist

Canadian Dressage Team

Chapman's Premium will be used post-Olympics by the Canadian Dressage Team.

My Gelding No Longer Stocks Up

"I've used Chapman's Premium for years on both the horses and myself. My warmblood gelding has a tendency to stock up at night when in his stall and requires nightly bandaging. After using Chapman's Premium, he no longer stocks up at night, or needs to be bandaged! Due to a recent purchase of an equestrian centre and the amount of work it requires, I have developed tennis elbow. Chapman's Premium is the ONLY product that allows me to continue working and eases the pain. Chapman's Premium should be in not only every barn, but every tack box, trailer, home, every car and first aid kit!"

C. Super (The Winds Equestrian Centre)

Chapman's Premium Eased the Pain on My Back and Broken Collarbone

"I was surprised and delighted that Chapman's Premium reduced wind puffs on my three day event horse. Being able to bandage my horse without worrying about burning is an added bonus. Using it as daily maintenance on his back and legs has kept him comfortable and I'm positive has helped prevent injuries. After a recent car accident, I used Chapman's Premium on my back and broken collarbone. It helped ease the pain, relaxed the muscles, and sped recovery of multiple bruises in record time! I love that it leaves no oily or sticky residue and the 4 oz. size is very handy!"

B. Linde

"Recently I separated my ribs while shoeing a client's horse. After using Chapman's Premium, it eased the pain and discomfort and allowed me to work comfortably while healing. I keep it by my bed and use it on myself every night. This stuff is great!"

S. Perry (Farrier)

My Doctor is Quite Happy about the Effect it Has

"I have osteoarthritis in my hands, hips, and legs, and the swelling sometimes gets so bad in my hands that I cannot get my rings off or even simply bend them. After spraying Chapman's Premium on my hands, the swelling comes right down and I can get my rings off and bend my fingers. The spray applicator makes it very easy to apply and rub in. Before using the liniment, I was only able to type for about 10 minutes before having to stop and take a break. Since using the liniment, I am able to type on the computer, talking to my children on-line for approximately half an hour now. I highly recommend this product to my friends and family, and I have told my doctor about it -- he is quite happy about the effect it has had on my hands."

J. Gerow

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