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Chapman's Premium Healing Liniment  


Below are some testimonials from users of Chapman's Natural Healing Liniment. Have a testimonial you'd like to share? E-mail us at

Superior Product To Other Brands

I have a 23 year old thoroughbred and he has benefited from this linament greatly. I ran out of it and used a different brand and he seemed very stiff when I rode him. I love the way it smells and how non-offensive it is. I feel like he looks forward to when I put this on. Thanks for such a great product!
Allie and Babylove Antonio
Toledo, OH

Works Like A Charm!

I am a believer.

A friend at the office heard about my plight and happened to have some liniment (given to her by an octogenerian who swears it's why she's so mobile at her age). She gave me three days' worth to tide me over till my liniment arrived. Plus I ordered some Absorbine right before I got that call from you. They both worked great (and I actually enjoy how bracing the Absorbine is when it goes one)... but your product has without a doubt had the most immediate effects. I got the replacement package yesterday and started using it right away. This morning was the real test.

I have an old MCL injury and a more recent medial plica that gets inflamed from time to time. I upset both these injuries again recently with a bit of running (looks like I'll need surgery to excise that plica if I want to be able to run without weeks of inflammation and pain) but have been trying to train through the pain; I have that national powerlifting meet coming up in just a few months and I can't afford to miss a session. Today was squat day and I was very worried about aggravating my injury. I made it through the session without making the plica too angry. I've sprayed on your liniment several times since then. I cannot believe how good the knee feels hours later. I've never had anything work so well and so soon before...and believe me, I've tried a lot of things. Plus your liniment doesn't sting at all and smells pretty good.

I've been hobbling around for weeks, especially after training sessions. As of right now I'm able to walk normally because your liniment has drastically reduced the pain and swelling in my joint. I don't know what else to say, except that I'm hooked. There will always be a bottle of Chapman's in my training bag, my bathroom cabinet and my desk at work!

Gary Gibson
Sic transit gloria mundi.

U.S. Army & Powerlifting Pain Relief

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how well the liniment worked for us. My husband and I are both in the US Army and are powerlifters. Between the physical occupational demands of life in the Armed Forces and training for powerlifting competitions it is no wonder that our bodies get sore and achy. I have been using your product for approximately four months. I never thought I would find a drug-free way to eliminate muscle soreness as fast as your liniment does. Within 5 to 10 minutes after application I start feeling relief. I even used it to treat a deep tissue bruise; it enhanced the healing and reduced the recovery time significantly. I have recommended your product to many service members and athletes. Thanks again for producing such an outstanding product!

Rebekah Lair

Oh, also wanted to let you know that my husband (Ryan) used it on his back after he injured it on a long run. It took a couple weeks, but he did see results and his pain is now almost non-existant. This is how we used it: continued theraputic use 3 times per day for three weeks until pain was gone. It seemed to work best if I saturated the area to be treated with the liniment and lightly messaged it until damp.

Rebekah & Ryan

Helped Crippling Rheumatoid Arthritis

My mother has severe rheumatoid arthritis and is quite crippled. She had terrible swelling in her legs after having had two knee surgeries over the years and two bouts of cellulitis. Her knees and legs were more than double size, the skin so tight it sometimes weeped through the pores. The back of her knees was so swollen out that she had difficulty bending her legs. We tried many remedies over the years to get this inflammation down but nothing really worked. I started using it on her legs and it has taken a few months of diligent use twice a day but her legs are now normal size, and have gone down so much that she even has stretch marks on them now! Getting the inflammation down has naturally reduced her pain as well. This stuff is amazing and after seeing the results on her legs we now use it on her arms and hands, and my husband uses it on a shoulder that often gives him grief during the night. It has never failed to bring relief. Just want to say thanks for coming up with such a great product.

Feel free to use my testimonial on your website.

Connie Zoeller
Ingersoll Ontario, Canada

Thank You for a Great Product

Hi Andrea,
Just to say how impressed I am with your product, I play golf 4 days a week I have had a sore knee for the past six months but since discovering your product the soreness is virtually gone. I first purchased a 4oz bottle from you but since have purchased a 16oz bottle for myself as i gave the 4oz bottle to my daughter in-law who suffers from arthritis in her hands and she says it has helped the pain no end. Thank you for a great product.

Malcolm Powell Lurgan, Northern Ireland

We LOVE Your Product

Once again I wanted to let you know how much we LOVE your product. I'm telling you I'm a huge fan and I'm dead sold on the stuff (I think it gives our horses and us an extra edge, so much so that I almost don't want to tell anyone about it.? But, if you are in pain, you deserve to know it is great stuff!)

April, Horsemen's Corral

Very Impressed With Your Product

Hi Andrea,
My husband, Todd, came home from the barn and said to me "You should see "Temptations' legs!" (He has ankle/suspensory problems) You need to order more of that liniment!" Seriously, he is bewildered on how great they look. He raced last night and finished 2nd. Paced that fastest he's ever gone:) We have used just about everything out on the market, and are very impressed with your product. We have a stable full of race horses, here in Sacramento. Thanks a lot and we'll talk to you soon.

Jean MacDonell,
Todd Ratchford Stables
Cal Expo, Sacramento CA

Your Product is Outstanding

Just this morning one of my clients, an avid golfer, was complaining of some serious elbow pain. His elbow was so sore to the touch that it was hindering our training and his golf performance. I had my bottle out in the car so we gave it a try and within 60 seconds his pain was gone. Amazing!

Consequently, I just wanted to give you a "heads up" as I have turned some more people onto your product. Thanks again, your product is outstanding.

Matt Gary, CSCS

Thrilled With the Excellent Results

"I've used Chapman's Premium liniment for several years and have been thrilled with the excellent results from it. Korona's legs are cold and tight and his back remains supple. Last year I ran out of Chapman's and decided to try something else. As usual after a workout, I applied liniment to Korona's legs and bandaged him. Korona went ballistic! He thrashed around in his stall, biting at his bandages, trying to get them off.

After trying a couple of different liniments with the same results, I went back to Chapman's Premium, and haven't had any problems since. I can use it before a show to keep him relaxed and prevent injuries and afterwards to ease any stress, swelling or soreness. I can bandage him and not worry about any adverse effects and can even use it on myself for my own aches! I don't go anywhere without my Chapman's Premium now!"

- Shannon Dueck, International Dressage Rider

Gentle Enough That I Even Use it on Myself

"My horses' legs are cool and tight when I use
Chapman's Natural Healing Liniment as a daily
maintenance -- particularly the sensitive ones. It’s
gentle enough that I even use it on myself. As an
added bonus, I know it is safe to use during
International Competition!"

- S. (Oldham) Dueck, Canadian Dressage Team, Pan Am Silver Medallist, Freestyle Gold Medallist

Canadian Dressage Team

Chapman's Premium will be used post-Olympics by the Canadian Dressage Team.

I SWEAR by this stuff

A little follow up on Chapman's Premium. I SWEAR by this stuff. it is the best linement I have ever used. I had written before that we use it more on us than the horses (more because we work harder and are more sore than they are...If I ever have a horse that needs it, it will be the FIRST product I use).

My partner recently had a knee replacement surgery, and he was a little behind as far as the bend in his knee and etc. Well, his leg had been bad for 20 years, which most people it is only a few years, and so his upper thigh muscle has tightened and made it so that the knee can't bend past 90 degrees. After the surgery the muscles were inflamed and so forth and needed to heal, but his range of motion wasn't improving as they suspected it would. Well, since he came home from the hospital on Sunday (just three-four days ago) he has started to see a rapid improvement and he credits it to Chapman's. As we said before it looks like your just putting water on it, but man it works miracles. It helps with the pain, and it relaxes the muscles, and we feel things are healing faster since using it.

You have an amazing product and I know if it works this well on us it will work great for our horses.


My Gelding No Longer Stocks Up

"I've used Chapman's Premium for years on both the horses and myself. My warmblood gelding has a tendency to stock up at night when in his stall and requires nightly bandaging. After using Chapman's Premium, he no longer stocks up at night, or needs to be bandaged! Due to a recent purchase of an equestrian centre and the amount of work it requires, I have developed tennis elbow. Chapman's Premium is the ONLY product that allows me to continue working and eases the pain. Chapman's Premium should be in not only every barn, but every tack box, trailer, home, every car and first aid kit!"

C. Super (The Winds Equestrian Centre)

We're hooked on Chapman’s!

I'm a 34 year old competitive powerlifter and a full-time strength coach. I know what it means to train intensely and at an extremely high level. Extreme training requires that you be able to manage injuries and pain. If you train hard for any endeavor, there's going to be some bumps, bruises, pains, and strains along the way. Recently my knees began aching so badly that it was adversely affecting my lifting performance. I had tried everything -- over the counter anti-inflammatories, heated creams, ice, neoprene wraps, extra rest... you name it I tried. Then I stumbled across Chapman’s Premium Natural Horse Liniment. What a difference! I began using the product and within a few short days I could notice a huge difference. My pain was substantially reduced. In just a few weeks my pain was almost entirely gone. Now with regular daily applications my knee pain is a thing of the past. I turned my wife onto Chapman’s as well. She knew how much it was helping me so she decided to give it a try with some muscle pain she was feeling in her thigh. She sprayed some on and in less than 60 seconds she felt a difference. Now she's ordered extra bottles. I've turned several of my clients on to this product and, they too, have been singing its praises. The product is very reasonably priced, easy to use, it doesn't smell bad like those other ointments and creams, it won't stain your clothes, it doesn't burn, but best of all -- it really works. We're hooked on Chapman’s!

Matt Gary, CSCS
Rockville, Maryland

Chapman's Premium Eased the Pain on My Back and Broken Collarbone

"I was surprised and delighted that Chapman's Premium reduced wind puffs on my three day event horse. Being able to bandage my horse without worrying about burning is an added bonus. Using it as daily maintenance on his back and legs has kept him comfortable and I'm positive has helped prevent injuries. After a recent car accident, I used Chapman's Premium on my back and broken collarbone. It helped ease the pain, relaxed the muscles, and sped recovery of multiple bruises in record time! I love that it leaves no oily or sticky residue and the 4 oz. size is very handy!"

B. Linde

"Recently I separated my ribs while shoeing a client's horse. After using Chapman's Premium, it eased the pain and discomfort and allowed me to work comfortably while healing. I keep it by my bed and use it on myself every night. This stuff is great!"

S. Perry (Farrier)

My Doctor is Quite Happy about the Effect it Has

"I have osteoarthritis in my hands, hips, and legs, and the swelling sometimes gets so bad in my hands that I cannot get my rings off or even simply bend them. After spraying Chapman's Premium on my hands, the swelling comes right down and I can get my rings off and bend my fingers. The spray applicator makes it very easy to apply and rub in. Before using the liniment, I was only able to type for about 10 minutes before having to stop and take a break. Since using the liniment, I am able to type on the computer, talking to my children on-line for approximately half an hour now. I highly recommend this product to my friends and family, and I have told my doctor about it -- he is quite happy about the effect it has had on my hands."

J. Gerow

It Really Works

Kathy Lifton, well-known horse trainer living in Langley, B.C. has used Chapman’s Premium on both herself and many of her own horses. Kathy comments that she is impressed that something so simple is able to work so well. Kathy has one young horse that tends to get pretty agitated in the cross ties after a ride. "I spray the liniment on the top of his neck, down the jowls, shoulders and back. It totally relaxes him and then I can easily finish grooming him. At first I thought it was my imagination because he was so still and relaxed. But it really works. I use it on myself too and I really like that I can put it on and because it doesn’t have any smell, I can go off to work right after. I haven't been able to bend over comfortably for ages because of a sore back - & now after using the liniment, I don't even think about it."

No One Should be Without This

I used Chapman's Premium on one of the standardbred horses at the track (who was rated for a third place finish) approximately an hour before the race, spraying his whole body. The horse relaxed immediately. The jockey stated that he was surprised at how relaxed the horse was during the race and asked him for more, which the horse gave with no sign of pain or discomfort. The horse not only shaved two seconds off his time, he won the race! No one should be without this.

P. Verrault, Equine Chiropractor, BC

Chapman's is Helping the Healing Process

"My horse pulled a flexor tendon and has had a lot of heat and swelling in that leg. He's on stall rest, and I take him out for hand walks daily.
Before we go, I spray Chapman's Premium on him, and when we return I cold hose him. Even after cold hosing, there is a tremendous amount of heat in his leg still. I spray Chapman's Premium on him again, and am simply amazed at how quickly it pulls the heat out of his leg. I thought it was just me, so asked my trainer the next time I sprayed him to check it. She confirmed that Chapman's Premium had decreased the heat in his leg considerably.
There's a slight swelling still there, but I know that Chapman's is helping the healing process."

Denise Lenz, Ontario

Chapman's Eases the Swelling

"I bought some Chapman's Premium at a trade show in the fall, and use it regularly on myself and my horse. My horse's legs swell after a workout, and his back is sometimes sore. I'm amazed at how quickly Chapman's eases the swelling in his legs and the soreness in his back. My back is chronically sore from riding and I use Chapman's Premium to ease the pain. It not only eases the pain, I only need to use it every three or four days. For the first time in ages, I haven't needed to use any ibuprofen."

R. Synhorst, Courtenay, BC

It takes the pain out...

I received the package on that Friday. I've been using it on a finger that I think is developing arthritis in it and it takes the pain out on immediate contact. I've been teasing my bowling partners about finding something for the aches and pains that we have and that when I did, I was going to be the first one to use it and then I will gradually start trying it on them. I'm going to start on my husband next.....



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